Phil Jordan

Specialist Coach in Addiction, Anxiety and Self Sabotage

Phil Jordan

My Story

I have worked in the health & social care sector for more than 25 years. I have worked with a variety of different individuals with drug and alcohol problems, mental health conditions including anxiety depression, PTSD, adverse childhood trauma and with long term physical health conditions. I have worked as a practitioner and a manager and have a really good understanding of people, their struggles, behaviours and the barriers that some people face.

In my own past I have experienced childhood trauma, an addiction to aerosols at 14, then into adulthood I became involved in the use of recreational drugs and a relationship with alcohol that was never healthy. I was able to function sufficiently to work my way into some wonderful opportunities and was relatively successful in my career although I was guilty of a lot of self sabotage which often held me back.

Just a few short years ago I came to the realisation that whist I was very good at supporting others, and was able to give out the correct advice and information to others, I wasn’t actually living by those core principles. I drank too much, my sleep and nutrition patterns were all over the place and my exercise regime was inconsistent to say the very least. I suffered constant hangovers and my anxiety was out of control, as was my behaviour!  I talked the talk but definitely didn’t walk the walk!

It was then that I made the decision to take a break from alcohol. I only ever planned a short break in order to take back control and to reset my relationship with alcohol. What I never expected was all of the other amazing transformations that took place. I read, I learned and I connected with others and developed a truly authentic feeling of self worth. This has led to me becoming a Transformational Life Coach. I now get to help others who are seeking a better way of living where they get to take control and overcome whatever barriers are holding them back from  living a truly happy and fulfilling life. My life is now very different and I wake up feeling happy and excited every single day.

I now walk the walk!