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Alcohol Free Challenges

Trying to give up or want to take a break from Alcohol? Well doing it on your own is extremely tough, I know! You really do need support if you are going to succeed and I am passionate about helping you break your habits. Below is a list of my most popular packages where I can help you break free and regain your life back from any addiction you may have. So let’s work together and get you back on track. 

7 Day Jog

Experience a week not drinking
£ 49
7 Days Challenge
  • Want to experiment in taking a break?
  • Want to learn to enjoy life without Alcohol?
  • Need help and support to get you started?

28 Day Sprint

Experience a week not drinking
£ 149
28 Days Challenge
  • Want to take a break for 1 month?
  • Want to discover the long term effects without Alcohol?
  • Want to start to change your relationship with Alcohol?

90 Day Marathon

Experience a week not drinking
£ 399
90 Days Challenge
  • Looking to start an Alcohol Free Life?
  • Fed up of being controlled by Alcohol?
  • Want to get your life back on track?

Here is what you get with my all the packages plus a whole lot more:

“If you are serious about taking a longer break from alcohol, perhaps with a view to considering what life might be like without alcohol altogether. Then this is the challenge for you!”

Taking a break from alcohol is proven to have benefits to our physical and mental well-being. Within a very short space of time you could experience;

The benefits increase substantially in all areas the longer you decide to go!

With each of the packages I will support you as your very own change cheerleading champion! I have been alcohol free for over 2 years and know exactly what you will be experiencing and can support you all the way.

"Rock bottom became the foundation on which I rebuilt my Life"

FREE discovery call..

The call is an opportunity for us to learn a little bit about each other and discuss your ideal goals. The discovery call is also the time we can address any questions you might have. I will tell you a little about myself and my role in this coaching relationship. I will also be interested in understanding what you expect to get out of this coaching experience so that we can make certain this is most productive experience for you.

Ways We Can Work Together

1 to 1 Sessions

I provide 1 to 1 sessions and everything we discuss is strictly confidential.

Remote Sessions

I am happy to work using remote sessions eliminating the need to travel.

In Person

If local then let's get face to face in a location which suit's you!

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